Apr 18

Evening Police event

An important evening Police Meeting will be held next Thursday, April 24, at 6:30 p.m. at the German Village Meeting Haus (588 S 3rd St.). Commander Strausbaugh and our 11th Precinct Officers will be joined by Commander Meader, Head of the Stolen Property Bureau, to discuss present safety concerns and recovery of stolen property. Warmer …

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Apr 09

Dog Attack

While walking my leashed dog, we were both attacked by a large dog that escaped from its yard. The injuries were fatal for my dog. The dog was not registered or vaccinated. I was bitten on my face. The dog owners witnessed the attack, but failed to stop their dog. The dog has been declared …

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Mar 23

Retail business burglary

Early Saturday morning around 3:30 AM someone broke into retail business shop. Suspect recorded on videotape attempting to break in through front door, but was unable. He came back with a large boulder and set it down in front of window and stepped away. Suspect could be seen on video in shadows, watching to see …

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Mar 22

Police Luncheon Thursday

German Village Police Luncheon Scheduled Thursday 3-27 The next 11th Precinct Police Luncheon meeting will be next Thursday, March 27 at 12:30 p.m. at the German Village Meeting Haus.  All residents of German Village and the surrounding communities are invited.  Our officers need your input for better crime control.   The April meeting will move …

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Mar 21

RAIDSONLINE.COM Realtime crime mapping and tips for the public

Also used by the Columbus Police Department. RAIDS Online is a free public crime map developed by BAIR Analytics. Public crime maps reduce information requests and improve trust between law enforcement entities and their public with data accuracy and transparency.

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Feb 26

South Side Community Blockwatch Meeting tonight

Note this is separate from the GV Police Luncheon tomorrow at 12:30. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend the February 26th Block Watch Community Meeting for the South Side.  These meetings are held at the Barack Recreation Center (580 E Woodrow Ave), the fourth Wednesday of every month (except December) beginning at 6:30pm.This …

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Feb 24

Daytime Attempted Break-in

Lady saw glass on kitchen floor and discovered a hole in the back door glass (covered by a curtain), went up stairs, came down 15 minutes later and was cleaning the glass off the floor when a gloved hand appeared through the hole in the glass and under the curtain. She yelled “Help ,they’re breaking …

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Feb 21

Police Luncheon Thursday 2-27


Next Police Luncheon Is Thursday The monthly 11th Precinct Police Luncheon will be next Thursday February 27 at 12:30 p.m. at the German Village Meeting Haus.  Bring your questions and concerns so our officers and safety officials can help.  This exchange of information helps our police officers in keeping our village as safe as possible. …

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Feb 16


DONATE TODAY and help keep this website running! Any money we raise will go towards the cost to maintain this website including but not limited to web hosting fees, domain registration fees, premium plugin add-ons, system & security updates, enhancements, website buildouts, coding, testing, etc.

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Feb 15

Stolen Mailboxes

Duplex. On 02/12/2014, tenant #1 woke to no mailbox, on 02/14/14, tenant #2 woke to no mailbox. Neighbor across the street says their mailbox was stolen last weekend.

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Feb 13

Parcel opened

Came home and found a package delivered by USPS was open and packing material pulled out. Contents still there. Apparently theif doesn’t “craft.” Have him on tape. Police came and looked at tape. Since he didn’t steal contents there’s not much to do. Will have my packages shipped elsewhere. Very brazen. Don’t know how to …

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Feb 08

another copper downspout taken…

Small 2″ copper downspout stolen from front porch gutter.in middle of night. I knew they’d get to it one of these days.

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Feb 03

copper downspouts stolen

Theft of 3 copper downspouts. Just noticed it today (02/03) not sure when they were actually stolen. Taken from the side and back of house. Would have had to jump/climb over fences. This is the 3rd time we’ve had downspouts taken. Have all sides of the house lit up with spot lights.  

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Feb 01

How to protect your gutter downspouts from theft

Here are ways to make it harder to steal downspouts and can look great on your house too! Criminals are looking for this equipment from hardware yards, on houses under construction, and even hanging on homes where people are living. They pull or cut the gutters and downspouts down and flee quickly; often, the theft …

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Feb 01

Copper downspouts stolen

Theft of copper downspouts; 2nd time in the last couple of weeks = switching to aluminum.

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