Jul 25

Smashed car window

I was on my way to the gym and noticed my passenger triangle window was smashed in and my gym bag was stolen.

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Jul 21

Stolen bikes and tools

Garage door that opens into back yard was pried open and destroyed. Two Schwinn bikes were stolen along with tools and grilling supplies. CPD recovered one bike and are looking for the second. CPD drove me around to identify bike and were EXTREMELY helpful. Due to the large numbers of residential theft in our neighborhood, …

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Jul 19


Found credit card – first name Robert. Matercard, 5th 3rd Bank. If you are the owner and want this back, please send your full name. Or else I will return to the bank when it is open.

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Jul 18

Laptop Found

Hello All, I found a laptop at Schiller Park this morning. If you had one stolen please post your contact info below in a reply. Thanks!

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Jul 17

Outside gated storage area ransacked.

Sometime between 8pm 7/15 and 9am 7/16 someone entered my gate on Mohawk and proceeded to the back of the house by the garage. They entered the storage area outside which had a slide bolt on the fenced gate. The gate was unbolted and they ransacked a large storage bin. Nothing of value was in …

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Jul 13

Vandalism on Car window

The words “F### You” written on our driver side car window in black marker. This happened 4 days after a large flower pot was stolen off our porch. We believe this to just be random vandalism; however the police have been notified.

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Jul 13

Item stolen off porch

A large flower pot with flowers in it, weighing approx 60lbs was stolen off our walk up porch sometime in the middle of the night. We keep our porch lights on and this street corner is well lit. Our neighbor did not hear or see anything suspicious.

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Jul 07

Window of vehicle smashed

Attempted theft from vehicle. Driver’s side front window smashed to gain entry. Thief ransacked center console of front seat, not items of value appear to be missing.

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Jul 07

Broken windshields

Since the morning of July 4th we have seen three cars with their windows smashed in. One car in the alley between Hanford and Gates (windshield), one on corner of Bruck and Hanford (back window), and one on Jaeger, near Hanford (windshield). Don’t know if police reports were submitted.

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Jul 02

Man on Bike Checking Car Door Handles on Beck St.

A man on a bike was riding east on Beck St. checking car door handles to see if there were open, thereby allowing him to steal or at least attempt to steal the contents of the vehicles parked on the street. Police were called.

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Jun 16

car break in

locked car broken into with no visible damage. glovebox pilfered. tire gauge stolen. driver door left ajar.

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Jun 16

Someone Broke Into My Car – Stole Medicine

Sometime between 8:30pm and 10:00pm on June 15, 2015, someone broke into my car parked right outside my home on Beech Street. One bottle of my prescription medicine was taken (value of $504). Luckily, there is no damage to the car (that I can see at the moment) but the door was ajar when I …

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May 21

Police Luncheon May 28, 2015

Thursday, May 28 at 12:30 p.m. is our 11th Precinct Police Luncheon. We will be discussing any new situations in our neighborhood and the officers will address any concerns a resident may have. This is always a great chance to connect and get to know the officers that keep our neighborhood safe. Invite a friend or …

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May 20

Backyard Theft

Someone entered our backyard through a secured gate and initially stole a weed wacker yesterday. They came back this morning and attempted to steal the electric lawn mower. Our neighbors called for a unit to canvas the area. Sadly, the person was not found.

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May 02

Man lurking tonight

Creepy guy almost at our back porch.  Saw him and he went running down lazelle-husband confronted him and he asked for a light.

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