Jun 09

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Knife pulled on neighbor who confronted man about the bicycles he was carrying

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 06/08/2011

Approx time: 9:30 PM

Nearby street intersections: Forest & Beech

Brief description:

Man on a motorcycle who lives in the neighborhood confronted another man who was carrying two bicycles down the street. Man with bicycles pulled a knife on man on motorcycle, no injury. Assailant fled on foot down Beech then headed east on Frankfort toward Parsons. Chopper came out, police captured suspect.


Black male approximately 5'8, short hair, unkempt, white patch on chin, scar of some sort; wearing red baggy t-shirt and blue jeans, dark colored shoes.




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  1. Rita

    Yippee! Great job! We all need to be more aware of what is going on around us and help our neighbors–the more they hear that we are keeping our eyes open and catching these idiots the less likely they will be to come after us and our belongings/valuables. I am very happy with this web-site and am glad to see how many of us are sharing our ‘incidents’.

    Again, thank you to the man on the motorcycle!


  2. Phil

    I agree, Rita. The more people we have registered on this site, the more sets of eyes we have in the future. I will definately be more aware in the future. Thank you ‘man on motorcycle.’

    Phil – Schumacher Place resident

  3. adam

    Yes….thanks motorcycle man! What happened to the bikes, did they get returned to their owners?

  4. Kayla

    I was so thrilled they caught the guy. Motorcycle man was definitely a hero! I’m not sure what happened to the bikes, but I believe the police may have them.

  5. 3rdandwhittier

    This word of this incident will get passed along on the street. This made my day!
    John – GV

  6. The dude had a knife though. So always be aware of your surrounding and be cautious.

  7. Kayla

    Agreed, Jeff. Fortunately it wasn’t a gun. Safety in numbers usually.

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