Feb 25

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Packages stolen from doorstep

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 02/14/2012

Approx time:

Nearby street intersections: City Park and Nursery Lane

Brief description:

Package stolen from mailbox on Feb 14. The package arrived at 2:30 pm. It was from Gilly Hicks and contained women's undergarments. I had to call USPS to confirm that it was delivered because I never received it.

This happened again this Thursday Feb. 23rd. Fedex delivered a 54 pound package containing a bookcase and left it on the doorstep around 11:30 am. When I got home, it was gone.





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  1. John

    You might want to send future parcels to the G V meeting Haus. They will sign and hold it for you. Easy and everyone there is very nice.

  2. Mia Miranda

    Thank you so much for the advice John :) I will definitely do that the next time I have a package sent.

  3. Trevor

    I believe you need to be a member of the German Village Society in order to take advantage of this service. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of that.

  4. Dane

    This may seem obvious, but why aren’t the packages taken in if you know they’re there?

  5. Shiloh Todorov

    Membership rules for using the Meeting Haus as a safe delivery place are no longer in effect – any neighbor can use this service!

  6. Looks like our message sharing has made the news! Tell all your neighbors to be on the look out and be aware.


  7. Mia Miranda

    Hi Dane – in hindsight, I probably should have taken more precaution with having packages sent to my house. I work all week and don’t make it home until seven, which is why the packages were left unsupervised.

  8. Mia Miranda

    The thief was caught on a neighbor’s security camera! We discovered that it is the neighbor who lives right across the street! He waited an hour until the mailman left and slyly crossed the street, read the mailing label, and walked back to his house with the items. The police were notified, but will not take action until I can provide them with the security tape.

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