Sep 03

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Mugged at Knife Point; Purse and Car Stolen

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 09/02/2012

Approx time: 12:50 PM

Nearby street intersections: Forest and Beech

Brief description:

Coming home from church and walking up to my house, a man dragged me down my stairs in broad daylight at knife point, slashed my purse strap with his knife and stole it, and held me down on the ground until I gave him my car keys. Upon receipt of my keys, he deemed it necessary to steal my car.

African-American, 5'11, facial hair (scruffy), salt and pepper hair, dark eyes, extremely high. Dark (navy blue) t-shirt, jean shorts.

Gold 2000 Honda Accord; U.S. Army sticker on back window, OSU sticker on back window. Plate: EWX 8684




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  1. Jon

    Wow, this is terrible. Just out of curriousity, what is the location of the Church you were walking home from?

  2. Kayla

    Hi, Jon. I had actually driven home from church and had just stepped out of my vehicle and was walking into my yard and up my steps.

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