Oct 22

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curious night-time event

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 10/20/12

Approx time: 4:45 AM

Nearby street intersections: sycamore and 6th

Brief description:

I witnessed a man stop his car on sycamore, close to two parked cars, turn off the headlights, and then using a flashlight look into 2 parked cars. What was odd was that from my view, he appeared to be late 50's-mid 60's; dressed in jacket and hat, and driving a fairly newish car. After a few minutes he got back in and proceeded to drive slowly down Sycamore toward Mohawk. When I exited my home, he drove off quickly.




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  1. Carrie

    What kind of car? I live near Sycamore and 9th and my boyfriend’s car has been broken into 4 times in 2 years. One morning I went to my car, unlocked it, then ran back inside real quick because I forgot something. I came back out and was reaching for my car door before I realized there was a guy sitting in the drivers seat rooting through my center consol. When he saw me, he actually said, “oh sorry, wrong car” before he ran off and cut between two houses. Another time,, we were up late and heard a pick up truck with a rattling engine circle the block multiple times….when we finally looked out to see what was going on, we saw them driving very slow and shining a flashlight into car windows. Since then, there have been several similar incidents – sometimes I turn on exterior and interior lights in hopes they will get the point and move on.

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