Oct 15

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NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 10/14/2012

Approx time: 2:00 PM

Nearby street intersections: 400 block Stewart Ave

Brief description:

"freddy" came to my door again @ 2:00 PM Sunday. He visited me back in July 2012 saying he does odd jobs and asked if I had anything he could do. I said no thanks. As I was going to close my door he asked what I was making for dinner since he could smell it outside. I said "I think you should leave now" and closed the door. My windows were open and when I closed the door he starting screaming "I going to bust your G@#$ D&^%$ windows!" I called the cops who showed up 1 1/2 hours later and said they haven't seen him but others people in the neighborhood called and complained. Anyway, he showed up again Sunday again and I told him I remembered him and if he didnt leave I was calling the cops. He got on his bike and left.

White male, 5'6" thin, tan, appears to be drunk or high, rides a blue bike




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  1. Jon

    1.5 hrs seems a bit long for someone they claim to have multiple reports on.

  2. Gloria J

    Suggestion: First and foremost–stop opening your door to strangers. The days of door to door salesmen (The Fuller Brush Company) are long gone. Too. dangerous! Buy yourself a Taser for personal protection. If you insist on opening your door? Do have the Taser handy in the event “Freddy” shows up again and (God forbid) tries to force his way into your home.

    P.S. As to what you’re cooking? None of his (or anyone else’s) business! Remember that sometime will ill intent may engage you in meaningless banter just to throw you off guard. Don’t fall for it. That goes for whether you’re at home or grocery shopping. Be aware. Be alert. Be prepared!

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