Oct 25

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Police Lunch minutes, October 2012

The monthly German Village Society and 11th Precinct Police Luncheon was held October 25, 2012 at the GV Meeting Haus. There were 10 officers and more than a dozen neighbors in attendance.

Jerry thanked the officers for their attendance/presence during Monster Bash 2012. It was a great, fun and safe event!

A few Cyberblockwatch reports were read and discussed with CPD.

  • Forest & Washington lady banging on door
  • Freddy is back and more threatening
  • 3rd & Sycamore cushions stolen from front porch

Commander Grizzell has offered to post important messages and tips through Cyberblockwatch.com. Neighbors will get important messages directly from the CPD! More details to come.

Mailbox content thefts have been reported. Suggested adding mail slots or locked mail boxes to secure your mail.

Discussion of recent phone scams including some instances where scammers are saying they are with the Police Detective department. They have been asking for your debit & checking account numbers. CPD says NEVER give out any personal checking information. If you are unsure of the caller posing as an officer, ask them if you can call them back at their direct line, ask for their badge number or assignment and ALWAYS report the phone call afterwards to 645-4545. Other scams to be aware of are text messages and Email, including a recent BBB email scam.

One neighbor reported that near the corner of Pearl & Whittier there have been regular panhandling and open containers, particularly in the alley. Sometimes groups of 2-3 people sometimes up to 8. This is throughout the day/night. They have been becoming more aggressive so please have cruisers check out the area. Also, sometimes during closing times on the weekends, Roosters' customers have been rowdy lately.

One observer mentioned a recent neighbor break-in and that after CPD reviewed the area, they determined the trash cans along the fence were most likely the 'stepping stones' for the break-in. CPD suggests keeping containers or anything tall and sturdy enough to climb over, away from your exterior fence.

A discussion of WHY SHOULD YOU REPORT TO THE POLICE was discussed:

  • Information is important. Every time an incident is reported, it becomes a piece of data for statistics. It helps build trends and links through patterns and helps build evidence for stronger cases on multiple-case offenders.
  • The CPD staffing is reflected by volume. Reporting by phone or online supports and validates the need for the CPD. If an incident occurs but no one reports it, there's nothing on record, which could say we don't them. Click here to learn about and report online from this website.
  • CPD wants us to call or report online. They do prioritize calls but say we should never feel we are imposing or bothering the department. It's their job! Call or report!

Holidays are coming around. Remember you can have packages delivered to the Meeting Haus at 588 S Third St. to avoid them being stolen from your front porch. Reports have been made of people following UPS or FedEx trucks and stealing packages. Residents later find the empty boxes near the trash dumpsters.

Reports of Senate bill 193 has passed regarding Scrap Metal businesses. They now must be licensed, instead of the overnight businesses that open, buy your stolen iron fencing, and are gone! Also they are now required to take photo of certain materials (i.e. iron fencing) and finally they now must use an online registry to verify sellers. The registry program is a new State-wide data base that searches for theft offenders. They are looking to expand this program in the next two years to also include more regulations on Pawn Shops and Second-hand/half-price shops. Columbus Detectives suggest writing down serial numbers and taking photos of all your valuables and registering them with leadsonline.com, which is growing data base to store your information for easy access in case of theft.

Upcoming events for CPD to be aware:

  • Beggars night is this Wednesday, 10-31. Watch out for little goblins. The houses around the park usually get the most traffic.
  • Tree Lighting in Frank Fetch Park, Friday November 30
  • Village Lights, Sunday, December 2


Next Police Luncheon meeting is Thursday, November 29th, 12:30 PM.

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