Nov 08

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Garage Break in

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 11/03/2012

Approx time: 4:00 AM

Nearby street intersections: Columbus and Bruck

Brief description:

A few weeks ago I posted about a possible break in when I found that my garage door had been disengaged by pulling the cord and lifting the door by hand. Since then I have purchased a wireless motion detector/alarm (Harbor Freight has them for around $15) and set it up in my garage to notify me in the house if anyone entered the garage. Well, at 4am on Saturday I was woken up by the alarm, I couldn't see anyone from my bedroom window so I took a handgun and a flashlight and went to investigate. When I got to the garage I could see a person though the window, I announced that I had a gun and to get out of my garage. The person disappeared into the alley behind Bruck (to the east) and I called 911. The officers arrived within a few minutes, they were in the area due to another call 10 min prior where the assailant had been confronted and had knocked the homeowner to the ground during his escape. The thief did not have time to take anything, the bikes that are chained to a shelf had been messed with. My assumption is that this was the same person who had been here a few weeks ago, perhaps he had returned with something to cut the lock. My backyard is completely fenced in with no easy access, I assume this person jumped the fence and entered through the walk-in door, disengaged the rollup door for his escape, and then went to work rummaging through my stuff. Clearly this is not a first timer.

Male, approximately 5'10"




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  1. Lonnie D. Root

    Good for you! I wish more people would be prepared and vigilant
    But for those of you who do not know this… deadly force can NEVER be used to protect property and a garage does NOT constitute breaking and entering into your home so the Castle Doctrine does not apply.

    Be Safe and Congrats for sending the bad guy off running!

  2. Jon

    Thank you Lonnie. I have been a CCW holder for the past 5 years out of state and after recently moving to Ohio I have gone through the steps to acquire the proper training/authorization to do so here as well. I agree that deadly force is NOT a justifiable means for protecting property, the firearm was for my protection in the event that the assailant turned violent upon confrontation. I too encourage everyone to become familiar with the laws associated with protection of person and property and to exercise your 2nd amendment right with responsibility.

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