Dec 02

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Property damage/attempted break in

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 12/02/2012

Approx time: 3:00 AM

Nearby street intersections: Sycamore and Sixth

Brief description:

Opened our front door and noticed wreath wasn't there, along with the screen door missing. Noticed both items laying in the front yard. Whomever it was also unplugged all of our extension cords for the Christmas lights that were running through our front door mail slot and tossed those around the yard as well. Large hole in the screen door too. Our door has a large glass window behind the wreath so we assume they were trying to see what was inside our home? I had turned the lights off around 10:15pm and we discovered this at 9am this morning so it would have taken place at some point in the night/early morning. Typically our dogs hear everything but this person must have been pretty quiet.




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