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Police lunch minutes January 2013

Thursday, 1/31/13

16 residents and 6 police officers in attendance.

  • "Freddy" is out on bail. He was caught on a stolen $6,000 bike = felony. His trial is in March. Be on the lookout.
  • Discussion of what type of people photos can/cannot be displayed on Cyberblockwatch.com. CPD says any public photos can be circulated.
  • Note that the more people who show up during a person's trial will have a greater impact on the ruling. (hint) See first bullet.
  • Resident shared her experience of reporting a porch package-stealer to the CPD and tracking the followup and results through bustedmugshots.com. She reminds we must press charges and follow through. CPD confirms there is no crime without a victim.
  • Reports of attacks of viscous dogs in Schiller Park. In one instance 2 leashed dogs escaped their owner, ran across the street, pulled a cat from the porch and drug it back to the park and killed it. Discussion of enforcing the leash law in Schiller Park. Schiller Park is one of the only parks left without a leash law.
  • Discussion of guns in schools. Substitute teachers as off-duty police officers; veterans protecting kids, at home.
  • Livingston Ave. Church reports a rash of car break-ins, at least twice weekly, in their parking lot. This occurs mostly in the evening when Club 185 customers use their lot. CPD will arrange under cover coverage to monitor the lot.
  • Schiller Park Recreation Center reports some prostitution sightings in the parking lot in the evenings around 9 PM.
  • One resident asked what could be done regarding an abandoned car on his neighbor's (private) property. CPD said nothing they could do, but resident could report the eyesore to 311.
  • New No Parking signs and parking restrictions in the alleys was discussed. The issue is two-fold. You have people who never would have purchased/rented a property if they knew the parking was not permitted; and you have the residents who are blocked in because of double parking. What to do? Fill out this quick German Village Parking Survey with your opinion. The next meeting of Civic Relations is February 13 at 6 p.m. at the Meeting Haus.
  • One resident thanked the CPD because he reported an issue with people loitering near his property at a past Police Luncheon, and after that he never saw them again! Jerry Glick reported he too had a quick response regarding some exterior lighting issues, after reporting at a Police Luncheon. This shows our officers are listening and responding. Thanks CPD!
  • This month's Police Lunch was provided by T. Murray's. Mmmmm. Mac-n-cheese.
  • Next Police Lunch meeting will be Thursday February 28, 12:30 PM. *Note there have been requests for another evening police "lunch" meeting. One to be planned soon.
  • Meeting adjourned

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