Feb 25

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Suspicious Men in Arvey Lot

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 02/25/2003

Approx time: 1:30 PM

Nearby street intersections: Livingston & Lathrop (Arvey Paper lot)

Brief description:

Spotted two men standing around a white van in the former Arvey Paper store lot. Both men were wearing thick coats despite the warm weather. I observed them looking around constantly and walking around the Arvey lot and occasionally looking into the empty store. A CPD officer stopped and talked to them briefly and they left shortly after he drove off. Later I observed one of them walking around the north Schumacher Place area without the others.

Initially there were two men wearing dark-colored bubble coats, with hoodies and hats, even though it was unseasonably warm and sunny today. Later a similarly-dressed third man joined them. Two were in jeans, one was wearing camo pants. Two wore dark stocking caps, one wore a red stocking cap.

White commercial or industrial work van without signage or markings. Looked like it had a ladder and possibly other equipment on the roof.




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