May 08

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Stolen bicycle

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 05/07/2013

Approx time: 11:00 PM

Nearby street intersections: Jaeger St and Stewart

Brief description:

I came home from work late to find my garage door open and 2 of my bicycles missing. I'm sure they are gone for good, but one was a Fuji bran Absolute 2.1 gray with silver rear rack and U-lock mounted to the center frame. The second was a cheap Walmart brand blue/black mountain bike. I assume someone likely jumped the fence, entered the garage and opened the door into the alley.


Fuji Absolute 2.1 road bike with 21" silver frame, Silver rear rack attachment, and U-lock that's mounted on the center of the bike. The 2nd bike is a blue/black mountain bike that's missing one pedal (I think it was the right one).




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