May 13

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Stolen Porch Swing

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 05/08/13

Approx time: 3:00 PM

Nearby street intersections: S. 4th Between Hanford and Gates

Brief description:

Porch swing was taken off of my front porch by 2 men in broad daylight. Neighbors apparently saw the men carrying it and called the police, but they were gone (thank you neighbors) . My porch has higher siding and the swing was hard to see unless you were on the porch so I believe it was being sought out.

The swing had sentimental value, it was custom designed and hand made by my Dad as a gift for me last year. I'm heartbroken that someone would have the nerve to do this as there is no price you could put on a gift like that.

Posting a photo in case anyone see's it anywhere.

Today I came home and 3 large iron lanterns were taken off the porch, assuming they came back for more which is an unsettling feeling.





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  1. Tara

    That’s awful. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I drive around the village a lot. I’ll try and keep and eye out. I would suggest you do the same. Again, sorry this happened.

  2. Check Craigslist! If it wasn’t metal, they won’t scrap it but if it looks valuable you may find it on there. Good luck!! Sorry to hear it. My patio furniture was stolen 2 weeks ago.

  3. Mamitessa

    We’re heartbroken with you. Checking craigslist is a great idea. We walk around a lot. We’ll keep an eye open. Something so distinctive might resurface.

  4. You might check the flea market on south High (Southpoint). My large ferns were dug up and stolen and I was told they probably are selling them at a flea market. Also, don’t limit your Craigslist search to Columbus. They usually sell them in another town.

  5. sherry

    I am your neighbor and heard about it last week. I invite you to come to the Merion Village Safety Meeting Wednesday May 14 at 5:30pm at the information center on S. Fourth Street. You will learn safety tips and be able to talk to our local police officers.

  6. Lonnie D. Root

    We’ll keep an eye out for the swing it’s beautiful and VERY recognizable!

    My wife and I walk the Village all hours of the day and night even wee hours of the morning (around 2am 3am …) on the weekends and strange enough we rarely see anyone who looks out of place? Also, sadly we rarely see a patrol car either? What we do see an awful lot of is easy to steal items in peoples yards and on their porches. Remember most crooks are Opportunist and even a decorative Planter will cost $20 – $30 and lawn furniture is very costly

    After posting your story we went right out and ran a bicycle lock through the leg of our wicker couch then on through the railing, we also tied some small cheap-o cowbells to the bottom as a slight deterrent. If they want it then NOTHING will stop them, but most of the time a little deterrent is all it takes and they will move on to the easier marks. My suggestion is to lock your gates at night. Yes they’re only two foot high but that still provides a huge obstacle for someone who’s planning on a quick grab and dash with something heavy or awkward off your porch? Plus it’s a sure tale sign to the neighbors that someone is up to no good when you see them stepping over a fence instead of through the gate?

  7. Lonnie D. Root

    Also if you can’t aford the real thing they make some very convincing Dummy Surveillance Cameras. And they are VERY easy to install (three screws) Also, they’re cheap, cheap, and cheap! As low as $10 Bucks each.

    Sadly the days of criminals fearing cameras went away when they also stopped fearing eye witnesses. Still it should turn away a few scumb bags?

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