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Attempted bike theft

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 05/31/2013

Approx time: 4:00 PM

Nearby street intersections: Kossuth & Beech Street

Brief description:

I keep my bike hidden, covered and locked with a heavy duty bike chain. You would never know it's there. On Thursday, (5-29) at 4:00PM I was exiting the yard with my bike as two men passed by. I usually wait to make sure no one is around, but did not hear them. I knew they saw my bike so I took this photo from behind as they walked on. On Friday (5-31) between the hours of 1PM and 5:30PM someone entered our yard, "found" the hidden bike and removed the cover. Unfortunately they couldn't steal it due to the chain! Ha! (we have since moved it). They also tried to open the shed door, rummaged through a container and left with the back gate wide open. I'd likely say the person(s) in the yard were the same ones I encountered two days prior. Can anyone identify these two or anyone else looking suspicious in the area around that time?

2013-05-29 16.02.43

Two white men. One maybe 5.8", long dark hair with ponytail. The other maybe 6.1" with short dark hair. Photo taken 5-29-13.




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  1. rummietmr

    Pretty sure my neighbor and I have seen these two guys walking up and down 9th st. We think they live in a crappy house on Lathrop and Beck. They are always walking together and I think the taller guy may have a tattoo on his neck.

  2. Jon

    Thank you for posting the pic. There seems to be a lot of activity in this area, you should file a report just so they have it on file.

  3. Pat

    Its Eric Markham and his buddy. They are scrappers and they are prolific “finders” of “scrap”. They do keep there presence here at Lathrop and Jackson. Anytime you lose something like a bike or lawnmower you should hurry to the pawn shop on Livingston Ave because you could probably replace your loss with a very similar type of merchandise there. They are so “helpful” its usually sitting right out on the side walk in front so you would have to feel your loss very long. Make sure you have your articles marked and photographed before you lose them so you can easily identify something like it when you shop there.

  4. Jeff

    Thanks for the info. I have no proof it was them, but it’s good to know they have been spotted by others before. I just wanted to share some suspicious activity. Will report to cpd.

  5. Carrie

    The one on the right in the photo could easily be the guy I called police and made a report on a few weeks back. It was late at night (10 or 11 pm maybe?), he was riding fast down Forest (near intersection with Beech) on a bycicle, dragging a lawn mower. I was out calling for my cat and as soon as he saw me, he started cursing and ducked down the next alley.

  6. dianne

    these are the same guys I seen coming out of a basement window of a old house on Kossuth.
    I told them I was call the ccp. I have called the ccp 3 or 4 times about
    some one going in that house.

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