Jul 18

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Bikes stolen from garage

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 07/18/2013

Approx time: 2:00 AM

Nearby street intersections: Hanford & Jaeger

Brief description:

Two Bikes stolen from garage. Presumably entered from fenced yard, opened garage, used tools within the garage to cut the chain that locked the two hanging bikes together. However they locked the access door from the yard, the garage main access door was down, and no other items appear to be missing.




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  1. Dane

    May want to check pawn shop at 517 E Livingston (next ti Jiffy Lube). I found my mower there and my neighbor find his mower and bike there too. The pawn shop on Parsons has a great number of bikes too. The zone detective is Bob Johnson at 645.1430

  2. This is the exact MO that they used to get our bikes stolen last summer, ruining my garden tools getting through the chain. The pawn shop on Livingston would not let me go look at the bikes they have in the back. Police not any help. Since then, we got a motion sensor at Tractor Supply that chimes in our bedroom if there is movement in the garage. It’s battery operated (no cords) and costs less than 20 bucks. They’re designed to alert someone coming down the driveway. It doesn’t sound an alarm in the garage, so an intruder won’t know we’ve been alerted to call police.
    Gwen Stroud, 878 Bruck Street

  3. Marleen Kromer

    ALWAYS file a police report right away and follow up with the police. The pawn shop has to report all items purchased, with seller photo and ID info, to be compared against crime reports. They have to hold the items for at least 15 days for this cross checking. If determined stolen, police will go to pawn shop and put hold on the items and notify you. You then have 30 days to buy back your items for the amount the pawn shop paid to the thief (THIS IS ALLOWED BY LAW!) If you don’t retrieve within 30 days pawn shop can sell the items at price they choose. Serial numbers essential for identification, but beware that pawn shop sometimes accidentally enters that in slightly incorrectly so you may need to provide other identifying features to confirm that it’s your property. In Dane’s and our theft, the same woman has been taking many items to this pawn shop recently. To
    Gwendolyn’s point, we found our mower in the showroom, but when asked about the bike, they denied having it, but it must have been in the back room. The detective on our case was very helpful and we had our property back 2 days after our first contact with him. It cost $80 to buy back our mower and bike.

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