Jul 30

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Police minutes * Neighbor alert *

7-25-13. 8 officers and 12-15 residents in attendance.


  • FREDDY TAYLOR is currently the high profile suspect for the CPD right now. He has numerous offenses against him starting with littering and intoxication to kicking out a rear cop car window and spitting on an officer. They say it's only a matter of time before he's charged with a felony. When that time comes, CPD asks as many residents to attend the court hearing so the judge will pass maximum sentence. CPD asks you to call in any sighting of Freddy, even if he's "not doing anything". Report where you saw him, his description and in what direction he's traveling. Do not attempt to confront him. He's been known to carry pocket knives and numb-chucks on his person. A neighbor has provided this link to his mug shot for identification purposes. http://www.justmugshots.com/ohio/franklin/12494368.
  • Success Story! CPD reports a great success story in which they were able to catch Arthur Jude (sp) responsible for several car break-ins and auto thefts near the Katzinger's block. He had 3 warrants out for his arrest and thanks to inter-departmental sharing of resources and the cooperation of residents, businesses and a video tape of him committing a crime, they were able to put him away. CPD says we are the eyes and ears of the neighborhood and to report any suspicious activity to 645-4545.
  • We have a new plain clothes police officer working the neighborhood. She looks like a tourist, but they say she's very tenacious!
  • Reports that Parks & Recs have added a new 'Dogs only allowed on leashes' rule in the park, due to the recent dog attacks.
  • Neighbors discussed various car break-ins with CPD that occurred on their streets.
  • The 300 block of Gates (South of the Village) is a a known drug area that is being targeted to cleanup and shut down.
  • One resident reported a lot of parking lot activity (non-resident) near Seibert & Parsons. CPD says always call in suspicious activity, give descriptions of the vehicles and get license plate numbers when possible, but never put yourself in harms way to get information.


Next meeting is Thursday August 29. Lunch for the officers was provided by Max & Erma's.


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