Jul 26

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Stolen Car (Ford Escape) Beck/Lazelle

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 07/25/2013

Approx time: 3:00 AM

Nearby street intersections: E. Beck St. & S. Lazelle St.

Brief description:

2012 Grey Ford Escape with OH tags FKW-2056 was stolen between approx. 1:00 AM and 6:00 AM on 7/25. Car was parked on the street in a very well lit area on Beck St. between Third St. and Lazelle. The car was locked. This is the second time in the last two months that a vehicle has been broken into and/or stolen from this block. The car has no distinguishing features other than not having tinted windows while most 2012 Escape models do. There was nothing visible within the car that would have made it a target for theft. Please contact Columbus Police with any information.


2012 Ford Escape, Grey. No window tint.




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