Jul 10

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NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 07/08/2013

Approx time:

Nearby street intersections: Alley between Washington and Beech

Brief description:

Lock on fence gate and lock on small shed were both forcibly broken off.




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  1. Dane

    Sounds like same method used to gain entry to shed on 6/27. Bolt cutter used. Next door neighbor,s shed broken into on 7/1, using bolt cutter. Both incidents on Kossuth between Beech and Washington.

  2. Jon

    Any idea what time? I saw 3 shady individuals walking down Frankfort between Beech and Washington on 7/8 sometime around 6-8pm (can’t remember for sure what time).

  3. Charles

    Dane, looks like the same M.O.
    Jon: I was gone over the weekend and when I came back on Tuesday I found these things had occurred. I therefore cannot be sure exactly when it happened. However, it was sometime between Sunday and Tuesday morning.

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