Aug 12

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Attempt to steal vehicle

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 08/08/13

Approx time:

Nearby street intersections: Beck and Lathrop

Brief description:

A man came to my door to ask me where "downtown" was and then asked if he could come in for a glass of water. This occurred at 9:30pm. I had front door open with screen door locked.

The next morning, I got in my car to find that someone had been in it and attempted to take it. The gear shift was bent and not able to move, all compartments opened.  I leave nothing in my car so nothing was taken however have $1000 worth of damage to the car.

Man that came to door was in mid thirties, white, bald but hair growing, dark clothes, dirty looking




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  1. A

    Location: East Long & North 20th Street. Unseen two man team. Broke drivers side window, lifted hood latch and stole my battery. Police report was filed. Total for replacement/repair @ $500. Note: The vehicle has an alarm that never went off or showed up on my remote because they beat the 20 second delay. Removed the alarm sticker (too much information) since they probably eye-balled the vehicle then researched the system before breaking into my 1994 SW. What’d they get for the battery? Probably their next hit of … crack.

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