Aug 16

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Might be something, might not.. but strange behavior

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 08/15/2013

Approx time: 3:00 PM

Nearby street intersections: Stanley Avenue & Beech Street

Brief description:

I heard a loud truck on the street, I was expecting a gutter contractor so I looked out the window on my front door and windows to see if it was them, could not see the truck. Let the dogs out in the backyard and looked in the side yard and did not see anyone. Went back to the front door and saw a guy who looked like he was coming from (but I cannot be sure) the small side yard between my home and the neighbors home to the west of mine. He walked East down Stanley, got into the truck and drove toward Beech Street. I am not 100% certain he was doing anything but I thought it was worth noting.

White male, white t-shirt, jeans, hat

White "moving type" truck with no lettering or logo. The truck was pretty loud for it's size.




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