Aug 17

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Neighbor’s house broke into

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 08/16/2013

Approx time: 7:45 PM

Nearby street intersections: Rex & Beihl Alleys

Brief description:

I noticed a young white male walking through our shared yard. Decided to drive to see him, as he looked suspicious. At that point another young white male joined him walking west on Deshler. Upon my return from the store, I noticed my neighbors back gate open. I walked back to shut it, and looked around the corner, seeing the back window and back door both open and her tv gone. At that point I called 911. The two males did not have the TV on them. My guess is that they stashed it when they saw/heard me coming out of my place to get in my car.

Two white males. ages 16-20. One thin wearing red polo shirt with shaggy strawberry blond hair, fair skinned. The other wearing white wife beater, denim shorts with ball cap. darker complected.




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  1. Mamitessa

    Any chance those men you describe are the same ones caught on someone’s surveillance on 2/23/2013? I saw these guys walking down the street a few months ago. I called the police but the dispatcher was f’n clueless. Don’t think the police ever came. My neighbor mentioned these guys a week ago too.

  2. Tara

    I’m not sure. However, new evidence from another neighbors surveillance video shows the man who did this robbery. Rough looking, white, I’d say between 40-45. longish redblond hair. long beard. We think the ahole is a trash picker who we frequently see on our alley. Wear’s a ball cap backwards.
    it would not let me post the picture here. but I have a copy from the neighbor.

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