Aug 20

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Possible Freddy spotting

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 08/14/2013

Approx time: 8:00 PM

Nearby street intersections: Scyamore & Parsons

Brief description:

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 08/14/2013

Approx time: 08:00 PM

Nearby street intersections: Sycamore & Parsons

Brief description:

Last week (8/12-8/16) a white shirtless male on a bicycle approached my dog and I while we were walking down the street. Thinking it was odd someone was approaching us, we walked quickly towards our home and onto the porch. He then got off his bicycle and started feeling my grass. He introduced himself as "good people" and sat down on my stairway to the sidewalk. He was clearly intoxicated and asked to cut the grass for $20. I kindly declined and said my landlord takes care of that. He stood there for a minute in silence then got back on his bike. He rode down towards Parsons, where again he stopped by another neighbor out doing yard work. Upon a separate incident this morning, I stumbled onto this website. After reading old post, I'm pretty sure this was the famous Freddy people speak about. If it's not him, he looks just.




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  1. Mamitessa

    At 12:20 pm today (8/20) I think I saw Freddy. May Alley at Parsons. I have been having problems with someone trying to break in to my car. I had called AAA to see if they could help me out with an unrelated problem. The tow truck was parking in the alley near my vehicle. A youngish, white man with an oversized white tee-shirt, black 3/4 length cargo type pants, riding a black bicycle came riding down the alley from Parsons. His t-shirt was big, but his arms and legs were pretty muscular. The second he saw people, he looped the bike around. I only got a quick look at him, but I recognized his face immediately. If not Freddy, then one of the other “persons of interest” we’ve been seeing here lately. I could be imagining things, but it seemed to me that he stiffened his body as he very quickly pedaled away. Normally things like tow trucks invite a little rubbernecking. But not today. Might be noted that my AAA tech was a huge, muscular dude. I was going to call the police, but the last time I called 2-3 weeks ago, the dispatcher had no idea what to do with my call. I had to explain over and over again why I was calling. I didn’t have the time or patience to deal with another frustrating call. (P.S. I did report my car break in problems to the police last week and posted it on here. But I discovered something missing today. My “emergency tool kit” which I kept in a zip up pencil case. Basically, a medium phillips screw driver, ratchet and die set, and a handful of those L shaped hexagon screw drivers. I’m guessing about $20 worth of tools in case I’m stranded in the woods somewhere. I keep them with the jumper cables.”

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