Oct 31

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Car Break In – Caught in Act

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 10/30/13

Approx time: 9:30 PM

Nearby street intersections: Columbus & Macon

Brief description:

At approx. 9:30pm Wednesday night, I let my dog out and went to lock my car (I knew it was still unlocked). I noticed the dome light on in the car, and quickly realized that someone was in the car, from the passenger side door (car was parked against the curb). I quickly yelled for my husband, who ran out of the house and attempted to grab the guy (black, 6' or taller, slim, younger - teens or early 20's, dark hoodie and jeans), but they guy took off on a white bike. My husband chased him, I grabbed my keys and took off in the car to try and catch up. By Schmidt's, I saw a neighborhood security officer who looked out of breath, he said he saw the suspect and my husband chasing him, but couldn't catch them, so he hopped in my car and we tried to track them down- no luck. Nothing was taken from my vehicle, as I think we caught him right at the beginning.

black, 6' or taller, slim, younger - teens or early 20's, dark hoodie and jeans




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  1. Tara

    sounds like the same guy I caught in my neighbor’s car. I’m getting really tired of this crap!!!!

  2. Jon

    Nice work chasing him, perhaps more encounters like this will lead to his capture/arrest.

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