Oct 31

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Cars Broken Into

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 10/30/2013

Approx time: 4:00 AM

Nearby street intersections: Rex & Beihl Alley

Brief description:

Our cars were rifled through between 2AM - 5AM.   We keep our cars unlocked and nothing of value inside. Ashtrays and glove and consoles were all ripped apart for whatever spare couple pennies and dimes could be found. My ashtray was later found on my deck, as I thought this was removed and tossed somewhere.





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  1. Phil

    I would suggest locking your doors. If there are no valuables in sight, the potential burglar typically would continue walking and checking other car doors. Once an unlocked door is located, searching it for anything of value becomes a viable option. The only exception to this rule would be Jeeps or soft top vehicles. I hope this will eliminate your feeling of being constantly violated for small change. I would also ask the officers about plain-clothed police patrols at the next German Village Police Luncheon. Good luck, and I hope this helps.

  2. Daniel

    May I ask why you keep your doors unlocked? Two things. First, if car thieves know a neighborhood is an easy target because some people leave their doors unlocked, then they target that neighborhood more – that means your neighbors as well. The minutes from the last Police Luncheon made a similar point where the police said thieves know German Village residents are vigilant and report suspicious activity. Make things more difficult for the criminal and they move on to some other neighborhood. Locking your cars should be an easy first step. Second, these thieves didn’t get much because you don’t keep anything valuable in the car. Ok, that’s good news. You know what more skilled thieves could take? Your car.

  3. Tara

    first….I’ve lived in the area for over 20 years. When I was first vandalized, let’s say 20 years ago…my car window was broken to obtain a face plate to a stereo that was no good to anyone. I then over the years, learned that hard lesson more times then I care to admit. Now, I no longer lock my doors, and I turn off the dome light. I once had my car gone through during a long weekend home, in…and when I went to go to work on Monday my car battery was dead because the a-hole who rummaged through my car didn’t shut the car door, hence ran my battery down. THIS is why I don’t lock my doors. It is a $100 to get a window fixed versus accidentally leaving less then a dollar of change around the car. That to me is a no brainer. As for stealing my car….let them…it’s fully insured. I just am not paying for a deductible for every broken window. I learned that lesson. You be a victim of it a few times…and then get back with me on it.
    I do, however, appreciate your input and suggestions. A good dialogue is always a good thing. Thanks guys!

  4. Daniel

    Fair enough. Sorry you got your windows broken. I’ve been here several years and have not had that happen to me. The other day I was sitting in my kitchen when my neighbor’s car alarm started going off (we share a driveway off an alley by City Park. I look out the window and a guy is running down the alley back towards the main street (he was the guy with the bike who some others mentioned here has been breaking into some cars). All it took was a locked car and a car alarm to get rid of him. I guess experience will vary. You said he ripped apart the consoles in your car? I took that to mean he did damage to the inside. If that’s the case, it’s something I’d like to avoid. If I misunderstood you, I apologize.

    It just seems to me if you make an area an inviting target for one type of criminal others will be joining them before long. Reasonable people may differ on this issue though. Happy Halloween.

  5. Tara

    I understand your point of view as well, I live down Deshler but we park in a shared parking area on Beihl Alley. I did mean they rummaged through everything…no damage, just a mess. I’ve dealt with this for years and my advise is to keep the doors open. I don’t have an alarm on my car. My neighbor has his property wired and has cameras aimed at our parking area. That is nice for when the police have to get involved. The problem lies in all of the drug houses on Parsons and the disparity of income within a 2-3 block area. I just read the newest post on here from last night. Sounds like the same guy I caught rummaging through my neighbor’s car a couple of weeks ago. My other half chased him and didn’t catch him. I used to play darts with the old Sargent in our precinct. I saw him the other night working special duty at Giant Eagle and asked him to tell his buddies still in our area we are tired of this b.s. He said he’d pass it on. Last time we had this much trouble, he and a couple of other officers did plain clothes/car stake outs until catching the little f’ers. We have also banded together to keep a barrage of emails and calls to the Mayor’s action line. I urge you to join our battle and email bomb the office with calls/emails too!!! (614) 645-3111 and/or mayorsactionline@cityoflc.us. Thanks Daniel.

  6. Jon

    FYI, Harbor Freight sells a battery operated motion detector which could easily be placed in your car. The receiver can then be placed in your home and it would “Chime” anytime someone entered your vehicle. You could then confront the person or call the police. These run about $15.

  7. Tara

    Hi Jon. Thank you for that. I will certainly be purchasing a couple of those. I appreciate your post.

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