Oct 08

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Two Girls Mugged

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 10/04/13

Approx time:

Nearby street intersections: Mohawk

Brief description:

Two girls were leaving Club 185, walking down Mohawk and were mugged by man wearing a ski mask. He jumped out of bushes, attacked them and took their purses.

Was wearing ski mask




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  1. Patricia

    What time of day/night did this happen?

  2. Tania

    I walked by the guy if it was night and he mugged them from Bleckner and Mohawk! I walk my dog every night and noticed him and how his body language was off! I text my husband but he must have mugged the people right after me! I posted in nextdoor but will post here next time. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to prevent.

  3. Rita


    Good job being aware and keeping yourself safe. Too bad you can’t prevent all of the things these idiots do, but thanks for keeping your eyes open and trying! We need more people who are vigilant and pro-active–trust your instincts! This should prove to you that they are spot-on. Keep Safe!

  4. Liz

    I don’t live in the neighborhood, but this incident happened to my good friend (I’ll call her “Mary”) and her friend (aka – “Sally”) so I thought I’d provide more information and if anyone has any additional information at all that may help to identify this man, please reply to this post.

    According to my friend, this is what happened:

    The two women were leaving Club 185 sometime between 2:00-2:30 am and walking to their friend’s apartment on Mohawk (located just a block from where the attack happened). The man in the ski mask came up behind Sally and grabbed her around the neck. He then punched her in the face and threw her to the ground. Both women threw their purses at him. He then pushed Mary to the ground and began punching and kicking both women as they lay on the ground. Mary was screaming and punching and kicking him back (Sally was too injured to fight back). He eventually ran off and took only Sally’s purse, leaving Mary’s purse behind.

    Mary, who was the least hurt of the two, attempted to carry Sally the additional block to the apartment. They called 911 from the apartment. Apparently, the police said a violent attack such as this has not happened in years. Also, they had had several calls from neighbors reporting screaming in the neighborhood, so the man could have possibly attacked others earlier? The man did not seem to have any weapons. The police searched the area including using a helicopter with spotlight, but did not find the man.

    Both women went to the ER for their injuries. Sally (who hadn’t been able to fight back) had sustained a concussion, a swollen and bruised face and multiple bruises on her body. Mary mostly had a lot of bruising and a hurt shoulder. Neither woman lives in the neighborhood.

    If you know of any other details that may help, please reply. Also, if you happen to find any discarded items from a woman’s purse near the crime area and are kind enough to take a photo for identification and let me know, I (and I’m sure Sally) would appreciate it.

  5. Jon

    ^ This is awful! This is also the reason why I consistently carry concealed. If you’re not comfortable with a firearm for protection then at the very least, carry mace.

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