Nov 02

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Car Theft – stolen cell phone

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 11/1/13

Approx time: 7:15 PM

Nearby street intersections: Blenkner + 3rd

Brief description:

While getting in my car this morning at 7:30am I noticed that the glove compartment & middle console was open with stuff scattered everywhere. I quickly looked for all my belongings and realized my cell phone was missing. There was no forced entry & my CRV automaticallly locks after 20 seconds. I realized it must have happened last night when I got home at 7:15pm. I had two loads of things to carry into my apartment & I think it must have happened while I was taking my first load of things into the house. My car was unlocked b/c I had more stuff to get out of it, but didn't notice anything was missing until this morning. They stole a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone that is password protected.

2013 silver Honda CRV




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  1. A

    The lesson here is to never leave your car unlocked even for the least amount of time. Your cell phone along with your ID should never be left in your vehicle. BTW: Don’t leave your registration and insurance in your car either. Robbery is a crime of opportunity.

  2. Malori

    Preciate the obvious advice, just letting people know who are running things inside quickly. We should be able to do this in our neighborhood.

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