Nov 22

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Mugging attack

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 11/21/13

Approx time: 2:00 AM

Nearby street intersections: Bruck St., between Whittier & Kossuth

Brief description:

I was attacked from behind late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning after arriving home. I had popped my trunk to get groceries out when someone ran up from behind and started punching me in my head. He grabbed my purse and took off. I held onto one strap of the purse and was dragged into the street. The strap broke and he took off. I ran after him and saw him jump into a getaway car right around the corner. I think it was a maroon SUV but am not entirely sure and can't give any other description about the guy or car. I called 911 and hit the panic button on my car keys. I want my story out there so others know to be extra cautious.

Vehicle description: I think it was a maroon SUV but am not entirely sure.




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  1. Mamitessa

    Thank you for sharing your story. Very scary. Hope you were not injured.

  2. Rita

    I hate to see this type of comment–we all need to be vigilant and watch out for one another! I wish you well and hope we all take note and let our neighbors in on what’s occurred so they know to be more cautious.

    Thanks and best in getting over this!

  3. Carmen

    Thank you for sharing what occurred. I am so sorry that you suffered such an emotionally and physically awful experience. I would like to share some information that may not be related but that I found unsettling. Both last Wednesday afternoon and this Wednesday afternoon there has been a car parked illegally in front of my Beck Place home (nearest the corner of Grant and Beck). They were two different cars but on each occasion the car was parked there for several hours. Both times, there was an individual in the car just sitting and waiting. On both occasions I contacted the police. And, on both occasions the unknown car left within minutes of the police car arriving. I shared the car description and the license plate number with the police both times. Also, on that second Wed. that I mentioned (this time in the early evening) there was a medium grey colored van parked illegally in front of our neighbors home just to the south of us. I did not call about the van, rationalizing it might just be someone waiting on our neighbor etc… I had a strange feeling about it but I thought that I was just getting panicky. In hindsight, I wish I would have monitored the situation. I will definitely be more vigilant in the future. I hope that you are doing okay.

  4. jodi

    Thank you all! I appreciate the kind words and especially the tip about unknown cars possibly lurking on our streets. My roommate told me he thought there was a maroon SUV parked in front of my car earlier that day when he got the mail, but I don’t recall seeing it. I know the cars that my neighbors drive and are always out front, but I’m not good about paying close attention to the ones I don’t recognize. I need to and now will start looking closer at these vehicles I don’t know.

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