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October Police Luncheon minutes

Police Luncheon – 3 officers, 1 dispatcher, 2 CCP (Community Crime Patrol) about a dozen residents. Held in Brent Warner Fest Hall on Thursday, 10-31-13, 12:30 PM.

Several car break-ins in the area.

  • CPD says car break-ins are UP everywhere. Not just German Village.
  • These are crimes of opportunity. Don't give criminals the opportunity!
  • Advise residents to leave NOTHING in your car of value. Take everything out so when a criminal looks in they see nothing to take. This includes GPS systems, cell phones, computer equipment, sunglasses, change, anything ...
  • 2 instances discussed where criminals were caught in the act and arrests were made. Forest & Beech and on City Park. One man was crawling out of a car window and the other was found looking through someone's trunk. This was all because residents took the time to call in suspicious activity. CPD urges everyone to call and report non-emergency suspicious activity to 645-4545.

Guest visit from Victoria, a Columbus Police Dispatcher for 13 years. It was discussed when to call 911 vs the non-emergency line (614) 645-4545.

When to call 911

  • Crime in progress
  • Life threatening to you
  • Emergency
  • Gun involved (even it fake or bb gun)
  • Shots fired vs. maybe fireworks … not sure, call 911
  • Domestic violence
  • Fist fights
  • Prowler at your window
  • Car accident, where air bags have been deployed

11th precinct has 8-9 offers at any time with 3 shifts every day. Calls are dispatched based on priority where 'Risk of life' is most important.

When you call 911 the dispatcher has already alerted the police and sending all the details while you are talking with them. Do not hang up with 911, they are the only ones who can release the phone connection from their end. Cell Phone 911 calls. Do not hang up. The CPD can not pinpoint your location with a cell phone. You still must give all information to your location and the details of the incident.

A 911 emergency is defined as any immediate threat to a person's life or well being, a crime in progress, a fire and/or medical emergency, and any "unknown" type of call.

The 5 W's to remember when calling 911

  • Where is the emergency occurring? At your current location or a different location?
  • What is going on/why is this happening?
  • When did the emergency occur?
  • Who is involved; give description of suspect and/or vehicle including license tag?
  • Weapons. Are there any involved? What type of weapon and who has the weeping?

 When to call 645-4545

  • Suspicious activity. If it looks suspicious it usually is suspicious.

A non-emergency call for service is any non-life threatening situation or report that does not require immediate police response.

Resident example:

A resident watched a man in his driveway check his car handles to see if the car was unlocked. Call 911 because he's invading your personal property or space. 

When to call 311 Call Center

The City of Columbus 311 Call Center is a one stop shop for all non police issues. You can submit any requests for non-emergency City services by calling 311 or 645-3111. Examples to call 311 include: Bulk pickup, Potholes, Code Enforcement and Snow Plow requests. Hours of operation are M-F 7A-6P.

Residents are the eyes & ears of our community. When you call in please be a detailed as possible. CPD realizes emotions are high, but you need to stay come and tell the Dispatcher as many unique details as possible to help identify the criminal and their direction of travel. Such as...

  • Tattoos are the #1 identifier for the CPD.
  • Direction of travel. Can say 'towards' or 'away' from a major street if you don't know the direction (N-S-E-W).
  • Provide an address or two cross streets
  • Describe any specific features … such as black guy, light skinned, skull tattoo on forehead with black hoodie with white swoosh on the back, etc.
  • Provide license plates. Partial plates are OK. But also make, model, color of car along with any specific details like bumper stickers, tinted wheels, hydraulics, etc.


CPD says always be aware of your surroundings at all times. Make conscious effort to lock your car after removing all items. Be alert and pay attention to what's happening around you.

Recent stolen downspouts discussed. Even though there are stricter rules, scrappers are still able to sell stolen downspouts, because they can't, 'prove they aren't their own'. You must show ID to sell scrap, but it gets recycled so quickly that any form of evidence is gone before it can be investigated.

UPS scam discussed where criminals were dressing up in brown shorts and shirts, carrying a dolly, stealing packages from homes.

Other frequently used numbers

Accident Investigation Unit  645-4767

Detective Desk (For a case currently under investigation)  645-4624

Impound Lot  645-6400 (M-F 8-7, Sat 9-7, Sun CLOSED)  645-6400

Internal Affairs  645-4881

TRU-Telephone Report Unit  645-4717
Theft and property destruction reports with unknown suspect and loss under $3K - 24 hr number)

Franklin County Jail  525-3368

Franklin County Municipal Clerk of Courts  645-8186

Information Desk (speak with an officer directly)  645-4760


Meeting adjourned.

Police lunch provided by Kolache Republic.




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