Dec 08

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attempted break in into my home

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 12/04/2013

Approx time: 9:00 AM

Nearby street intersections: Beck & Parsons

Brief description:

Just put all the pieces of the puzzle together last night. When I got back from work a couple of days ago, I noticed that someone had tampered with my back door light which is light sensitive. I had a difficult time trying to open my door afterunlocking it. Looks like someone used a metal object to try to pry the door open. They vandalized the draft plate at the bottom and managed to pick up and dislodge an area rug that I had very recently secured with heavy furniture. The lifting of the rug caused an additional blockage to entry. I'm guessing my dogs took things from there and sounded the doggie alarm. Not sure how successful the crooks were in dislodging the door....but that was the day my dogs were particularly nervous when I got home.




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  1. Rich

    I live on Beck, near Parsons.
    Sorry about what happened to you.
    I always figure I’m just one night away from being broken into, or worse.
    I only hope that the cold weather diminishes the chances.

    – Metro

  2. Mamitessa


    Well, I’m pretty sure “they” made at least 2 visits. Earlier in the week, Sunday/Monday? after we had a dusting of snow, I noticed vague footprints on the walkway from the back gate. I always keep the back gate locked, so I’m not sure if they jumped it or not. I couldn’t find landing prints in the grass. I think I thought my housemate might have been messing in the yard. For some reason, I didn’t add up the footprints and the light tampering until the door was jammed. And I have further discovered that the screen door has fresh metal scratch marks. I normally lock it whenever I am inside. So, that must have come when I was home. I want to say that I was watching TV on Sunday when I thought I heard the screen door close. One of my dogs tensed up, but we didn’t hear anything after that. (But a bolt is loose on the screen door which I’m pretty sure that’s recent.)

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