Dec 04

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Burglary – Garage

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 12/4/2013

Approx time: 5:00 AM

Nearby street intersections: 3rd and Concord

Brief description:

Burglar gained access to garage by dismantling perimeter gate locks and working their way in through a door. Tools and a bicycle were stolen. Police report is in process of being filed.




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  1. Lonnie D. Root

    What a shame it seems that no mater how hard you try they still get past the locks and alarms?
    I’m sorry to hear about your case.

    Just an FYI to everyone and I feel this is worth saying…
    Garages are NOT considered part of your residences when it comes to protecting your property and is NOT part of the Castle Doctrine. Bottom line you CANNOT run out to your garage with a weapon and protect your valuables. Sadly not even attached garages and also includes attached garages with living quarters. ONLY if someone is breaking into your occupied home and/or vehicle can you protect yourself and family, but you can NEVER use deadly force to prevent theft.

  2. Jon

    Lonnie is correct however I would still encourage confrontation with a weapon if you are comfortable using one. Though you cannot use it to simply harm the assailant for being on your property, you would be wise to be armed in the event that they attack you. I personally would never wait for the police if I caught someone inside my home/garage/any other part of my property, I intend to confront anyone stupid enough to willingly trespass, if it’s not yours then stay out. The police will get there…eventually.

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