Feb 03

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copper downspouts stolen

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 02/03/2014

Approx time:

Nearby street intersections: E. Sycamore and Rader Alley

Brief description:

Theft of 3 copper downspouts. Just noticed it today (02/03) not sure when they were actually stolen. Taken from the side and back of house. Would have had to jump/climb over fences. This is the 3rd time we've had downspouts taken. Have all sides of the house lit up with spot lights.





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  1. We just added a new article on CBW, How to protect your gutters from theft, with ways to fortify gutters & downspouts and help reduce chances of theft.

    Plus read comments from last month’s Police Luncheon minutes regarding the topic.

  2. Jon

    You may want to try one of these. It’s a wireless motion detector that would signal you in the house whenever someone is in your yard. I have one in my garage (purchased after someone broke into it, I caught them the second time ;)). It can be purchase on amazon here –

    Or you can buy them at a local store, I think I bought mine at Harbor Freight.

    FYI, it’ll sense dogs/cats and other wildlife, I would suggest you mount it somewhere close to your down spouts.

    Good luck!

  3. john

    You could integrate your down spouts into your home security system with little cost (just some hidden wires and a little time) as soon as the down spouts are broken loose from their mountings the security system would sound off. I have done this with air conditioner condensing units too with some wire and a couple of very low cost relays. If the condensing unit is removed or the power disconnect is pulled, the security system siren starts screaming.

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