Jun 10

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Another broad daylight theft

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 06/08/2014

Approx time: 5:45 PM

Nearby street intersections: Jackson and Lathrop

Brief description:

I am in my yard tendng to the garden and up pulls a large dark royal blue extended cab pick up truck with a matching cover on the truck bed. The cover is the same height as the cab and has windows on both sides. I think he is taking a couple of chairs from in front of the property across the street that were set out for the trash. I look up to see one of the men carrying a large wheelbarrow from the yard behind 603 Ninth and throw it in the back of the truck. I look him in the eye and yell I am looking right at you he proceeds to jump in the truck and speed off with his companion north on Lathrop to Livingston.

2 male whites. Passenger and theif is 30-35 fair complexion light colored shirt 5'10-6' tall and strong enough to carry a large metal wheelbarrow 35 ft. Driver is slighter build with darker brown hair and fair complexion.

Very long dark royal blue with extended cab and bed cover, There were 2 stickers on the left rear cab cover window....one was the Columbus Division of Fire sticker and the other was the International Order of Firefighters.....so if you know a firefighter with a truck like this ask him/her who borrowed their truck on Sunday or if they sold it to someone. License tag PMH5281.




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  1. North

    FYI. This location is in Schumacher Place.

  2. Pat

    My side of the streets in German Village the other side is in Schumacher so we have the best of both

  3. mharris

    Great detail! Thanks for posting. Hopefully this will help with all the theft currently going on!

  4. Pat

    Why did you no tinclude the license tag I gave you

  5. fedup

    Why didn’t you approach them? This neighborhood is full of easy marks because they know no one is going to stop them. The police aren’t here to protect or prevent crime, they only respond to a crime committed.

  6. Pat

    I did approach them my front gate was locked and I couldn’t get it unlocked before they left but I did approach and yelled at them told them I had their license tag and they just ignored me and took off

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