Jun 03

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Garage Breakin Bikes stolen

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 06/02/2014

Approx time: 3:30 PM

Nearby street intersections: Stanley Avenue between Beech and Washington

Brief description:

9:30 pm, entered locked detached garage, turned off alarm, realized sliding door to alley wide open, window broken out (gained access ) , 2 bikes stolen, car rifled through, but no damage, nothing stolen from car that aware of. May have happened between noon and 9:30 pm. Home all day alone w/ dogs, then 6 people here from 7-9, heard nothing! Jumped 6 foot privacy fence broke high window, climbed thru then exited main garage door to alley (sliding) - also broke handle on garage door.

i do recall seeing a suspicious man in a gray hoody around noon looking in 300 gallon trashcan near corner of Stan Geist Alley . Felt like he didn't belong. Maybe a hoodie midday was the clue?! Regardless I need to trust my gut feelings I guess. No clue of gender, race, but was large w/ baggy gray sweatshirt/hoodie. Didn't see face.




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  1. Jeff

    Checkout the IRIS at Lowes. It’s a remote Smarthome system that gives you text alerts, like when a certain door is opened. I bought and use the system for various remote access at our property.


    It looks like they are coming out with a GARAGE DOOR SENSOR $39.97 add-on, sometime this month …


    Triggers alarms and alerts when your garage door has been opened or closed
    Also ideal for storage lockers and drop down attic doors
    Monitor the sensor status from your smart phone, tablet, or computer
    Compact size allows it to fit in any application
    Easy DIY installation and setup
    Add to any Iris Smart Home System

  2. I bought a motion sensor at Tractor Supply for 17$. It is wireless and you just need a couple batteries. The alarm sounds like a doorbell in the house, but the detector in the garage is silent. Because of ours, we caught the loser burglarizing our garage last October. The police came and the guy never knew he’d set off an alarm in the house. The device is sold as an alarm to go at the end of a driveway, but we just set ours on a shelf in the garage, aimed at our hanging bicycles.

  3. dianne

    I found a man’s bike on my front porch about three weeks ago. I don’t no how or who put it there, but I gave it to the cop’s. from the map I live 4 blokes from you.

  4. Schustan

    Thanks for these suggestions neighbors! To the person posting a found bike on porch, can you describe it by chance or did you take a picture? Thanks again!

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