Jun 14

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Late-night Mugging

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 06/14/2014

Approx time: 2:00 AM

Nearby street intersections: 6th St & Lear St

Brief description:

We were awakened at 2:00 AM by a woman's screams. Two women had just been dropped off by a taxi near their home. And as walking on the sidewalk, one of the women was grabbed around the throat from behind by a male while aggressively yelling profanities at her. He knocked her to the ground and took her purse. When the other woman tried to assist her friend, the man punched her in the eye. As we started yelling at him out the window to leave her alone and that we were calling the police, he ran around the corner onto Lear St just west of 6th St. He then got into a black (or dark-colored) Durango-like SUV, which sped away going east on Lear. The police arrived shortly after and took the report.

Black male, late 20s, approximately 6' tall, average weight --around 200 lbs, short black hair, no facial hair, wearing a grey t-shirt.

Getaway vehicle was black or very dark-colored Dodge Durango (or similar to Durango) SUV.




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  1. CeeCee

    Wake up Women! These crooks are looking for you and your purses. Quit carrying them, take concealed carry classes and get your permits. Be aware of your surroundings, have the taxi drivers wait for you to get to your doors; call your neighbors to watch you get into your homes. We are strong neighborhoods and can band together to stop these criminals.

  2. Colleen

    Let’s not blame the victims here. A woman should be able to carry her purse or anything else she wants anytime of the day or night without being assaulted. Everyone needs to take appropriate measures to protect themselves as stated by CeeCee. We can also take self-defense classes and beef up security at and around our homes. Neighbors can help each other be safe by ensuring outside lights are in proper working order and lit at night (use dawn-to-dusk timers, so lights come on every night), by clearing away overgrown shrubbery that allows perpetrators to hide, and keeping gates locked and expensive garden tools and other items out of site, so thieves have no incentive to break in. That said, these crimes are likely to continue occurring, so be aware and watch who is around in the neighborhood. Take mental notes on a suspicious person’s description and what they are doing at what time. These are all things we know to do, but this may be a good reminder. What we also need is more police presence, especially between 10:30 PM and 2:30 AM when recent muggings have occurred. Go to the German Village police luncheons and ask for beefed-up patrols. Next luncheon is June 26, 12:30-1:30 at 588 S. 3rd St.

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