Jun 19

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Lawn Mower stolen from Tool shed

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 06/19/2014

Approx time: 5:30 AM

Nearby street intersections: Mohawk & Reinhard

Brief description:

Property stolen from unlocked tool shed by back door, in fenced back yard. Entry was between 4:00AM and 7:00AM on June 19th. Lock chain had not been fastened on mower. Mower was older, red colored Troy-Bilt non-self-propelled model with discharge rear catch bag. Believe it was stolen by someone who is interested in using it to earn money as he also took a full container of gasoline and a rake, while leaving behind other, electric, garden/lawn equipment. Exited through back gate of contiguous property into Concord just west of Mohawk.


Believe thief is frequently in area as he left behind a bag of empty aluminum cans he had apparently collected from trash cans in Schiller Park.




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  1. fedup

    Anyone remember at the police outreach (free pizza for them) meeting, when the district lead officer said they don’t have time to mess with stopping the “recyclers/trash pickers.” And it was pointed out that there is a thin line between trash picker and theif (usually just depends on who is watching)

  2. ahart2001

    Similar thing happened at my neighbor’s house on Jackson just east of Grant on June 14th. She was out cutting grass, went inside to take a break, came back outside and the lawnmower was gone. A plastic shopping bagk filled with aluminum cans was left in its place. Police didn’t seem interested because there was not a record of the lawn mower’s serial number. Neighbor was told that it was an isolated incident.

    Found out a day later that a bike was stolen from the same location from an adjoining tennent.

    I had some old metal items leaning against my shed that were taken somehwere over the course of June 17-19 (I was out of town). Luckily I was planning on disposing of all of it.

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