Jun 09

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More Cars Being Entered

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 06/09/2014

Approx time: 3:30 AM

Nearby street intersections: Lazelle & Columbus

Brief description:

At approx 3:30 AM five (5) young men were seen (on video) walking down our street trying car doors -- at least one had a backpack. One car was unlocked and they entered and rummaged through -- not my car so not sure if they took anything. This seems to happen a couple times a week and it's always right around 3:30 AM. Last week, it was only 1 guy trying car handles, so it seems there's lots of guys doing this -- not just one. I called the police non-emergency line and asked if I could share video of these events with them. They indicated there's not much they can do with it.

5 African-American young males; one or two had backbacks




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  1. Phil

    Thanks for the post, good to have video if they damage your property. I hope this (3:30am) gets mentioned at the next police luncheon, so they potrol more. Thank you!

  2. Carlos

    I can’t help but feel somewhat puzzled that they cannot enforce their presence more assertively to insure that these issues are prevented before one of these young folks encounters danger from residents defending their property, or worse yet, that they do not become more bold and assault someone in an alley. This simply has to be stopped, and preventive measures emplaced in some form or fashion, we do pay a heck of a lot of taxes to the city and deserve the security we get invoiced for every year and also the taxes that are taken out of every paycheck.

  3. Jon

    The police may not want anything to do with your video (not surprised) but the rest of us would like to see it if you are able to upload it here or perhaps upload it to youtube and post a link.

    Thank you.

  4. jamie

    I have lived here since 2009 and have never heard of so much crime as I have these past few months. Maybe we are more aware or maybe we are posting about it more, but I don’t like it one bit! We have certainly had our cars rummaged through when we have forgotten to lock our doors, but I really hate this. I’ve noticed a camera on Whittier and Parsons. Is there any way to get more cameras as a deterrent in our Village?

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