Jun 30

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Porch Plants Stolen

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 6/30/14

Approx time: 11:45 AM

Nearby street intersections: Mithoff and Bruck

Brief description:

I went to get the mail this morning and noticed someone had stolen our potted plants from the front porch. We love on the corner of Mithoff and Bruck street. Not exactly sure when the theft occurred but it was between Thursday and Monday. The furniture was chained together so they were unable to steal that. See below for a picture of the plants and planters that were taken.





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  1. jondrust

    We live on Mithoff between 4th and Jaeger and had the same thing happen a few weeks ago. Thinking about putting a security camera up…

  2. jondrust

    Ps – please file a police report so the metrics on incidents in our area goes up and they (hopefully) increase police patrols.

  3. Rachel123

    Jondrust – I just filed a police report. Hopefully this helps stop some of the activity going on in the neighborhood.

  4. mg40

    I live at Mithoff and Bruck as well. I received a call from my neighbor last week (I was not home at the time) that an older teal SUV (unfortunately did not know make/model) pulled up to my house and two younger men walked right up to my porch and began taking down my artificial hanging baskets off of the hooks. My neighbors yelled at the two men, they dropped the hanging baskets and drove away. Please keep a lookout for this vehicle, I will assume they are responsible for other hanging basket and planter thefts in the area.

  5. jondrust

    Thanks for the info, will spread word with neighbors and keep an eye out for them!

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