Jul 29

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AC units cut from building and hauled away in a pickup truck

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 07/28/2014

Approx time: 12:45 PM

Nearby street intersections: Willow & Rader

Brief description:

A white male and female in an older two-tone pickup truck, partially black spray paint and then a glossier turquoise/greenish front portion were seen driving away from behind the business next to my house with two free-standing air conditioning units in the truck bed. They drove away down Rader Alley to Sycamore. Something seemed out of place so I walked out into the alley and looked behind the building to find that the cords/tubes, etc. were all cut and the AC units normally sitting on the ground were gone. They were very, very quick.

The woman was on the passenger side and was slender with longer brown hair, I wasn't able to see the driver very well.

Older pickup truck, possibly a Chevy? Front half looked turquoise, back half looked like it was spray-painted matte black.




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  1. Gustavo Rodriguez

    This one is close to our home. Thank You for posting

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