Jul 02

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Bike stolen from my garage

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 06/30/2014

Approx time: 3:00 PM

Nearby street intersections: Redbud Alley and 4th

Brief description:

My handyman and I had just finished painting some trim in my garage and left the garage unattended while we carried it into the house. I left the garage door open and while we were in the house, someone came into the garage and stole my road bike. I didn't notice anyone walking by recently or any other suspicious activity.

In retrospect, I made two mistakes that I hopefully won't make again - (1) leaving the garage door open while I wasn't there, even for a few minutes and (2) not having my bike locked to something secure inside my garage.


Trek 2.1. See photo, which is a stock photo but matches my bike exactly.




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  1. Schustan

    At 8:00 pm I noticed 2 young black females and 2 young black males walking east on Stanley between Beech and Washington. Something seemed strange about how they were moving. Girl saw me thru my window and walked back to friends. One male pushing a bike (red street bike (10 speed?)), same girl got on bike then but just walked it. Other girl on cell. One boy looking on porches. Both males shirts tied around waist. I walked out on front porch to make sure they saw me. I watched them slowly walk towards Parsons. A neighbor of mine came up to me to say she had seen them walk up n down our street 3 times around block n back again looking in CAR windows! She had called police. Police showed up and we gave descriptions of kids and bikes and direction. I’d say 14-15 years old each. We had two bikes stolen June 2 after garage breakin so watching for out of place behavior. They were moving very slowly with seemingly not enough direction. Hopefully cop found them and scared them.

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