Jul 22

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Chairs stolen from patio

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: July 22

Approx time: 03:00 AM

Nearby street intersections: Jaeger and Frankfort

Brief description:

Sometime overnight, two chairs were taken from our patio. They were decorative, heavy, matching chairs to a table that was left behind. This is the fourth time in seven months items have been taken from our back yard, in addition to my car being stolen from in front of our rental property.




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  1. pamela sharrock

    WHEN WILL THIS CRIME STOP! We are easy pickins for anyone and everyone. Every single day I got to my car, I imagine that it has been abused. Every day I return home, I reckon something will be missing. It must stop. People shouldn’t have to nail and chain down their belongings. My copper downspouts were taken last year along w/five of my neighbors. Gone. No way of even getting the copper back for ME to get the money. Where does all this go?… the copper, the lawn furniture, the plants, the cars, the mail? I am seeing alerts often twice a day. I’m all for getting organized for overnight look-outs. Calling the police isn’t working. Out goods are GONE by then. i don’t like guns but maybe torching the people would help? hitting them w/fire extinguishers? Hitting them w/pepper spray? i’m ready. We must stop the crime since the police can’t.

  2. Javier

    My car has been broken into 4 times in the last 4 months. I just cannot believe it.

  3. fedup

    I have the same frustrations as Pam.

    After 10 years of home ownership in the GV area, and coping with the constant threat of crime – we have decided the only option is to move.

    I’ve attended some of the police/citizen meetings at the GV Society building, it’s clear the police have no plan or intention to remedy anything unfortunately.
    After I experienced the flippant attitude of the precinct leads at the community meetings, in response to legitimate citizen concerns – I now carry a concealed handgun and am accountable for the safety of myself and family instead of naively relying on police assistance.

  4. Candy

    Are neighbors fed up enough to hire private security? You can say we shouldn’t have to but there it is…..apparently we have to do something.

  5. Dan

    Just remember that is was current CPD Chief Jacobs that hatched the idea to remove officers from this precinct and to move them to other areas. In addition since there is no ward representation, going to City council is a waste as well. Perhaps some of the local journalists that live here can start to run media events to highlight the increased crime and decreased protection that we all suffer under.

  6. fedup

    Increased negative media coverage only lowers property values. That’s why the negative events that are reported in the media happen in a “south side neighborhood” or just the “south end” and the positive events that get media attention are reported as happening in German village. It’s the only reason people might still think this is a desirable area, because the media portrays it as such, and fleeces the negative.

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