Jul 21

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Copper Downspouts Stolen

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 7/20/14

Approx time: 12:45 AM

Nearby street intersections: Mohawk and Willow

Brief description:

Heard a loud bang sound, and looked out my bedroom window to see a man stealing my backyard copper downspout. I yelled at him and he ran away with the downspout under his arm. I found out that he had also stolen one of my two front copper downspouts. The police came quickly, but the guy was gone. This is the third time since December that we have had our downspouts stolen!

Very dark, I think that he was white, ~200#, ~5'10", gray t-shirt, light shorts.




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  1. Lonnie D. Root

    We have a white male about 5’10” beard dirty clothes who life’s in the White House at Jackson and lathrop who is a “scrapper” we followed him for a few blocks because of going up into a yard but lost him. I have a photo but no way to post it under comments.

  2. Pat

    We have also had copper ripped off our house 3 times in the past 2 years. The last time it happened we were sitting on our front porch and noticed a pickup truck pull into our alley. A beat up pick up truck. Something just didn’t seem right so we went through the house and out the side. They took off before we could get the license plate number but “after” they had ripped down another downspout. It was a old pick up truck with 2 white, unkept looking men. I believe I have seen this truck in the area since. Couldn’t be sure so didn’t call the police. But did follow them for a while. I do believe that our “copper capers” are being carried out by white men…….white trash looking, white men. Two days ago I saw another old truck pull out of our alley with a bed full of wire. I try to stay alert and anytime I see a older pickup truck that seems to be trolling the alleys I pay attention. Like I said I have followed a couple.

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