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Neighbor’s chair stolen off porch in daylight

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 06/30/14

Approx time: 6:30 PM

Nearby street intersections: Jaeger and Deshler

Brief description:

I was outside and saw this suspicious car drive down the street. They parked in the alley several houses down from me. Passenger got out of car and went onto porch of the house on the alley. I watched, looked like he was knocking on door but did not look like someone who would be in this neighborhood visiting. Then he grabbed a chair and took it to trunk of car. At this point I'm running towards them, the guy sees me as he runs onto porch for another chair. As he's running toward car the owner of home comes out. The guy throws chair in trunk and then he dives into car. The one chair fell out of the car. Owner did not get license plate number but noticed that tags were temporary. Police were called by home owner, he gave his info and I gave my description and observation.

Driver: Caucasian male, late 30's -early 40's, appeared tall and skinny with dark hair, scruffy facial hair, and tattoos.
Passenger: Caucasian male, late 20's - early 30's, aprox. 5'10 - 6' tall, aprox. 150 -160lbs, with blonde hair, light features and had tattoos.

Car: Late 80's, early 90's model, "boxy looking", Buick or Oldsmobile, White paint with rust spots, 4 doors, windows were down and temporary tags.




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  1. Christy

    might this be Freddy with a friend?

  2. C.J.

    I’m new to this organization so don’t know of this name. Is Freddy a repeat offender or something? I know my neighbors have had everything from planters, cushions, my own solar lights and now this guy’s chair…

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