Jul 23

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Schiller Park After Dark

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 07/22/14

Approx time: 11:00 PM

Nearby street intersections: Jaeger St and Stewart Ave

Brief description:

I was awakened by my dogs barking at something in the park. I opened my door and could hear loud voices coming from the playground area in Schiller Park. A man's voice was clearly heard yelling and cursing loudly. There were children's voices heard too. The playground and swing set seems to be a very popular summer hangout for teens and adults, even after hours. The area is dark and it's difficult to see what is happening, which may be why people frequent the area. There are often times people seen wandering through the park in the dark as well. The pathways are very well lit, but it seems most nighttime visitors are gravitating towards the darkened areas. I work late and have heard yelling and loud conversations on multiple occasions in the playground when I come home at night. I rarely see police patrols in the area at night.




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  1. Lonnie D. Root

    If you’re like me you probably feel like you’re being a pest but you need to accept that reports have to be filed and calls to the non emergency number need to be made.

    The park is closed at night so Call the non emergency number and tell them you need an officer to patrol the park. Do it every night that people are hanging out at the park. Also letters to the chief of police requesting officers to patrol the area frequently will make a difference.

  2. S

    I agree with Lonnie. Call 645-4545

  3. S

    Even file an official report. They won’t watch the neighborhood unless we make it clear we expect it

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