Jul 13

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Suspect Caught Breaking into Cars

Police report WAS filed

Date of occurrence: 07/13/2014

Approx time: 2:30 AM

Nearby street intersections: Jackson st & 6th st

Brief description:

While walking our dog we spotted an individual entering cars on 6th St at Berger Aly. We called the police and watched from a distances as the individual went from car to car on 6th heading north to Jackson St then west on Jackson St and South on 5th when I flagged down the officer who apprehended the suspect inside a vehicle on 5th & Jackson.

Black Male, mid 40s to 50's, light colored ball cap, wire rim Glasses, Dark Clothing carrying a Black Nylon Bag




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  1. Lonnie D. Root

    Slight correction
    This happened Sunday Morning 3:30am July 14th.

    CPD responded in minutes and arrested the individual without incident.

    The suspect was noticably under the influence of drugs.

    Personal Note: The Officers and Dispatcher did a Wonderful Job and handled our report professionally and with the itmost curtiousy!

  2. S

    Good work!

  3. Tara

    Thanks for getting involved and looking out for your neighbors!!! Excellent news!

  4. Dan

    Awesome job … we need more neighbors like this! Call the police – watch, observe, report.

  5. Lonnie D. Root

    Thank You
    We love walking at night that’s why we picked GV.
    Good Point Watch and Call Never Engage its not worth what can happen.

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