Jul 23

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Threats being yelled from park

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 07/24/2014

Approx time: 10:45 PM

Nearby street intersections: Jaeger & Stewart

Brief description:

As I was walking my dogs last night, a car pulled up to my house. A man and three kids got out and went to play at the playground. It was a black man wearing an orange t-shirt and orange shorts, he was about 6' and had facial hair. He and the kids were all yelling and being obnoxiously loud. As I was walking past I looked at them, the man noticed and said, "What are you looking at whiteboy?" I ignored the question and kept walking. He then said, "That's right...keep walking." As I approached my home and entered the gate the man said, "I know where you live. That's right." Once I was safely in my house, he and his kids got in their car, emptied all the garbage from their vehicle and sped off yelling "Fuck you whiteboy!"

6' black man, approx 190-210lbs, scruffy face, bright orange shirt and shorts, loud voice.




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  1. S

    You should always call 645-4545 for non emergency situations. Direct treats warrant 911.

  2. S

    Racial or other hate speech and similarly motivated threats need to be reported without question.

  3. Dan

    Unfortunately not surprising. This person was committing a crime of disorderly conduct to wit causing annoyance & alarm to another by using racially incendiary language. CPD should have been called and a report made. Do not let thugs intimidate you. You should not let a thug take away your rights to have a peaceful surrounding. If the responding CPD officer does not issue the citation for this type of criminal act, then ask for a supervisor. Be sure to use your cell phone to record the disorderly conduct and racial hate crime.

  4. fedup

    I’m sorry this incident happened to you. You’ll be better off once you resign yourself to acknowledging the fact that this is a dangerous area. It appears the gentrification isn’t sticking. I hope you had or will attain means of protecting yourself and loved ones.

  5. ethan

    I don’t think the area is dangerous. I’ve lived here about 3 decades and I (nor my wife) have yet to be mugged, beaten, assaulted, or had our house broken into, despite spending a lot of time outside, around the greater-GV area.. Even if I get mugged tomorrow, that would still be a pretty-good mugging rate (once every 30-years). This, in no way, is meant to discount the importance and significance of the many annoying incidents that do happen in the area.

  6. fedup

    Despite Ethan and his wife (thankfully) not personally being impacted by crime while living in the GV area – it is obviously clear that statistically the probability of being impacted by crime is higher living in The GV area. Therefore the GV area is dangerous compared to other fiscally equivalent neighborhoods.
    (If your wife is violently attacked tomorrow, tell her it’s totally within your acceptable rate of crime tolerance – and that it’s not a big deal)

  7. Fedup. Please leave your negative personal opinions off the site. If you have something constructive to contribute, do so, otherwise you’ll need to provide statistics to support your statements. This site is to share and learn from each other’s experiences. Intended for our neighbors to be aware, proactive and try to avoid “crimes of opportunity” as much as possible. German Village is not a dangerous place compared to other areas. Crime is everywhere. Everyone should always be aware of their surroundings everywhere.

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