Aug 14

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Males Trying Car Door Handles

NO police report was filed

Date of occurrence: 08/13/2014

Approx time: 7:30 PM

Nearby street intersections: Lazelle St.

Brief description:

Two white males (approx 20s-30 yrs. old) were seen on Lazelle St. around 7:30PM yesterday evening, trying car doors. We called the police.




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  1. Pat

    What did it look like tall thin tattoos Shavehead’s long hair etc.

  2. Loretta

    There are two neighbors of mine that I have been watching for about a month. Very suspicious men. Meets the age description. They are white, 5’8″-5’10”, shaved heads, and lots of upper body tattoo’s. They make multiple trips from their apartment everyday, unloading items from their vehicle every time.

  3. dwhite518

    Please give more info – what they looked like, or any special descriptions? What exactly were they doing? Were they only trying to see if car doors would open on all cars or were they looking into the vehicles before they tried? Also, what part of Lazelle was this? North or south of St. Mary’s? I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks!

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