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The unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or a theft Larceny-Theft – The unlawful taking, carrying, leading, or riding away of property from the possession or constructive possession of another.

Oct 01

2ndFloor Home Break In/ Robbery

Last Thursday between 8am and 1pm our house was broken in to during broad daylight. Suspect came in through our 2nd floor bedroom window. I’m assuming they used a ladder. Our window was cracked, but never thought we would have to worry about someone coming in through the upstairs window. The screen was ripped and …

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Aug 29

Shed door smashed + bikes/tools stolen

Just when I noticed a lack of postings of theft in the area, I found my shed door smashed. The thief busted through deadbolt and handle lock, destroying the doorframe. All contents (3 bikes, yard tools, tools) stolen. I hate feeling violated and left to deal with the destruction.

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Jul 21

Stolen bikes and tools

Garage door that opens into back yard was pried open and destroyed. Two Schwinn bikes were stolen along with tools and grilling supplies. CPD recovered one bike and are looking for the second. CPD drove me around to identify bike and were EXTREMELY helpful. Due to the large numbers of residential theft in our neighborhood, …

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May 20

Backyard Theft

Someone entered our backyard through a secured gate and initially stole a weed wacker yesterday. They came back this morning and attempted to steal the electric lawn mower. Our neighbors called for a unit to canvas the area. Sadly, the person was not found.

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Feb 16

Break-In Followed by Attempted Break-In

Reporting 2 separate incidents in hopes that it helps out surrounding neighbors. Our house was broken into on 1/18/15. At 4:00 am, we were sleeping and heard a loud noise. Turns out a crowbar was used to open our door and our alarm system went off. The assailant still managed to get away with my …

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Dec 28

Garage break-in

Arrived home from a long weekend to our garage door partially open. Entire garage rummaged through (including car that was in garage) several tools were taken as well as the change in the car. Was able to talk to one neighbor who didn’t see anything happen or notice when the door was opened (I am …

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Dec 13

Purple Townie Bike Stolen

Bike and other small items stolen from garage. Unattached garage. 3 bottles of prosecco, purple townie cruiser bike with black basket and large white seat. Possibly some tools stolen.

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Nov 21

Car rummaged through over night on Stewart Ave

Like others, I believe I left my car unlocked and discovered this morning that the front seat had been pushed back and things had been rummaged through, and the trunk was completely open. I have very little in my car, but an old GPS was taken. The other things I find valuable were untouched (including …

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Nov 16

Cast Iron Urns stolen

Over night out two large cast iron urns were taken from our front door.

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Nov 15

Theft from Front Porch

Theft of various metal objects from front portch including table, chair and two metal sculptures.

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Nov 09

Patio stuff stolen!

Our wrought iron urn, a metal box, a cement chimney stack and 2 chairs from the front porch were stolen.

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Oct 13

Patio Furniture Stolen III

Thieves jumped fence and stole 5 pieces of black wrought iron patio furniture. Didn’t take every piece but took heaviest ones.

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Sep 08

House break in

Broke in through front door. Stole two laptops and a road bike.

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Sep 06

Break-in on Jaeger

Broke into back door, stole tvs/laptops/gaming systems. On Jaeger near Thurman.

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Sep 03

Break In / Robbery

Assailant broke into back yard through gate. Broke into shed and stole leaf blower and mountain bike. Broke into house via back door and stole 2 road bikes.

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