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Jul 21

Copper Downspouts Stolen

Heard a loud bang sound, and looked out my bedroom window to see a man stealing my backyard copper downspout. I yelled at him and he ran away with the downspout under his arm. I found out that he had also stolen one of my two front copper downspouts. The police came quickly, but the …

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Jul 09

Gutter and downspout stolen on Lazelle

Portion of gutter removed and stolen from the house while resident was out of town

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Feb 08

another copper downspout taken…

Small 2″ copper downspout stolen from front porch middle of night. I knew they’d get to it one of these days.

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Feb 03

copper downspouts stolen

Theft of 3 copper downspouts. Just noticed it today (02/03) not sure when they were actually stolen. Taken from the side and back of house. Would have had to jump/climb over fences. This is the 3rd time we’ve had downspouts taken. Have all sides of the house lit up with spot lights.  

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Feb 01

Copper downspouts stolen

Theft of copper downspouts; 2nd time in the last couple of weeks = switching to aluminum.

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Jan 10

Copper downspouts stolen

Copper downspout stolen from one front corner of house – sometime between 1/6 – 1/10. – we usually enter from the rear so I can’t be sure.

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Jan 04

Copper Downspouts Stolen 4th & Berger

Came home yesterday (1/4/14) to find all 3 of our copper downspouts gone–torn from the house. Filed a police report and homeowner’s insurance claim.

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