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Graffiti & Tagging

The most effective way for residents to decrease and even eliminate Graffiti in their neighborhoods is to PAINT IT OUT IMMEDIATELY!

Graffiti writers put up their writings for one reason only: TO BE SEEN. If you remove the graffiti as soon as possible and keep removing it as soon as it re-appears, the writers will give up. Don't allow your neighborhood to be an attractive target for graffiti.

GANG GRAFFITI conveys messages of one gang's superiority over another, marks gang territory with names, symbols, celebrates the killing of a rival gang member, and so on.

TAGGER GRAFFITI is usually more ornate and colorful than gang graffiti, and in big, balloon-like or swirling letters it depicts the tagger's (writer's) nickname or other tagger names or slogans. Cartoon-like figures are often depicted smoking dope or holding spray-paint cans. Tagger Graffiti should be painted over immediately.

The Columbus, Ohio Division of Police recommends utilizing the three R’s; Read, Record and Remove when Gang Graffiti is observed:

READ: After graffiti is observed on your property and if you believe it is gang related, contact the Gang Unit (645-4978) or your liaison officer as soon possible. A Gang Unit Detective will respond to read the graffiti. If there is doubt as to whether it is a tagger or gang graffiti, call and have someone come out. Please leave your information so you can be contacted when the graffiti has been read.

RECORD: The Gang Unit Detective will take pictures of the graffiti if it is gang related.

REMOVE: After you have been notified that the graffiti has been read and recorded, make plans to have the graffiti painted over immediately.

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