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April 2011 minutes

German Village Police Luncheon - Thursday, April 28th; 12:30pm; German Village Meeting Haus

Unofficial Notes

Those Attending: Sixteen (16) residents of German Village & the German Village Area plus Nine (9)  Columbus City Police Department Members representing the 11th Precinct: Two (2) members of the 1st Shift, Two (2) members of the 2nd Shift, one (1) member of the 2nd Shift Walk Patrol and four (4) members of the Community Response Team,*A little about how the CDP is organized - the Southside is in Zone 2 & 5 - our area is in both Zone 2 & 5; we are all in Precinct 11 and the Southside is in Cruiser Precinct 111 & 113), Precinct 11 is staffed as follows: 1st shift - 6am-2pm (6 officers), 2nd shift - 2pm- 10pm (5 Officers) and 3rd shift - 10pm to 6am (11 Officers)

Jerry Glick opened the meeting and on behalf of the German Village Society and welcomed everyone in attendance and thanked them for taking the time to participate

The Columbus Police Department (CPD) Report -The Columbus Police Department (CPD) reported they checked with the Crime Reports Unit and they were pleased to report there was a drop in crime in this area, possibly due to the rain and cold weather the number of violent crime was 0, Theft and Burglary was down – The Columbus Police Department felt it was extremely quiet for this time of year

The 30-Day City Moratorium – On April 13th, Mayor Coleman, City Council, Prosecutor O’Brien announce a 30-day moratorium on the purchase of retail air conditioning units and parts at participating scrap yards issued by City Council is still in effect for scrap metal - The Columbus Police Department will be  completing an analysis of how the City Moratorium  is working

Leads on Line provides residents information on who is pawning things – recently a Columbus cruiser stopped a person known to walk the area and ran a check of local Pawn Shops to see if there was any connections.

The German Village GazettePolice Beat listed several incidents (Lansing Street and City Park) of slashed convertible tops/scratched side of the car with nothing being taken –  There was also a report of a Hold UP at the corner of Stewart/City Park.  Jerry reported finding a brief case in Frank Fetch Park recently containing a Passport/SS Card/Checkbook – he contacted the owner to retrieve his property

*If you see suspicious activity, you are advised to call 645-4545 - always call 911 if you have a police, fire, or medical emergency, or to report a crime in progress.

Spring Crime Tip - During the period prior to Mother’s Day, its often a time that flower pots, planters and/or patio/lawn furniture comes up missing – There are folks walking around our neighborhood looking for opportunities – One suggestion was to mark your flower pots/planters with a popsicle stick with your name/address and place it in your flower pots/planters, then if they are ever stolen and you happen to find what you believe is your property just pull the popsicle stick out of it to identify it.  Consider fastening your patio/lawn furniture with a wire security cord and lock available at your local hardware store down to keep it secure. 

Working in YOUR Garden - If you are working in your garden, be sure to lock your Front Door, someone can and may enter your residence and take credit cards, checks and/or cash out of your wallet and/or purse.  If your garage door faces an alley, be sure to keep your garage door closed, this is an opportunity for someone to take lawn mowers/bicycles

Open Houses – When you holding an open house, some people may enter to check windows, doors etc – even your medicine cabinet looking for medications/pills

When on vacation – Before you go on your vacation, be sure to call the Columbus Police Department (645-4545) and sign up for the “House Watch” program.  The Columbus Police Department will notify the District Police cruiser with your name/address and a Police Cruiser will go by your home during their shift while you are on vacation – be sure to also stop your mail delivery (unless you have a mail slot) and newspaper delivery – tell your neighbors when you will be leaving, for how long and how to contact you in case of an emergency

Un-leashed DOGS in Schiller Park - Several resident asked questions concerning un-leashed dogs that attack leashed dogs in Schiller Park.  The CPD suggested you contact Animal Control 462-4360 – If you or you feel your pet is in danger, call the Columbus Police Department 645-4545.

Prevention Methods - UV Blacklist Invisible Ink Security Markers was brought up - the CPD reported markers can be purchased on line OR at your local Home Depot – The CPD will be brining in a supply to the German Village Meeting Haus for the May Police Luncheon

*UV Blacklist Invisible Ink Security Markers use high quality permanent invisible ink.  Perfect for identification marking, wall decoration, other stealthy security uses.  Glows incredible bright blue.  Perfect for metal, glass, plastic, etc.  totally invisible, won't wash off and is visible under blacklight.  Solvent based and not recommended for use on the skin.  This is the pen you want for permanent invisible marking

Identity Theft  - Residents were reminded to shred any personal information before you dispose of it in a recycling or trash container.  People have been seen going through recycling and/or trash containers and removing documents with person information on them – it is not illegal for folks to take items from recycling and/or trash containers

Crime Reports – Residents were again advised to use the CrimeReports® developed by the Columbus Police Department it’s the only near real-time source giving you access to CRIME information in your neighborhood and all over the county.  Simply click the link below and enter your home address to see current CRIME in your neighborhood. It will provide you CRIMINAL ACTIVITY reported the last three (3), seven (7), fourteen (14)  or thirty (30) days.   You can also choose crimes to include in your report and submit Crime Tips.  If you want to stay informed, you can join CrimeReports by signing up to receive their automatic Crime Alerts.http://www.crimereports.com

When you report a CRIME - The Columbus Police Department reported when residents report a crime to the Columbus Police on-line OR over the phone, it can take up to three (3) days to show up on the Crime Report.  If you would prefer to talk to person vs on-line or over the phone, simply call 645-4580 an officer will answer and will take the information over the phone

Cyberblockwatch.com –The New Citizen-managed BLOG and website for German Village and Schumacher Place neighborhoods now has 190 residents registered. The site was developed based on the idea of Report/Post/Share - Only registered users will be able to participate in reporting crimes and/or suspicious activity AND receive an email alert every time a new Post has been submitted. (Everyone was reminded to always report any criminal activity to the CPD first then POST your information for your neighbors and friends). Registered participants will be able to access an online form to post any suspicious and/or criminal activity – once you post your activity, it will go into a queue for moderation – once reviewed and approved, it will post to the website and all registered users will receive an email alert. The system has the ability to share using Facebook and other social medias as was demonstrated by Jeffery. This is an anonymous system – no names will be published – Everything is confidential. Everyone was encouraged to register.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15pm
Next Meeting - Thursday, May 26th, 12:30pm, German Village Meeting Haus

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